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Welcome to Day 24 of the Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge!  One week to go!




With one week to go, are students having trouble finding topics to write about or are they finding more and more to write about each day? If you want to share some topic inspiration with them, here is a Padlet we created last year with topic ideas. I created this choice board (below) for my students for more blogging ideas. 

Have students easily been coming up with topics or expressing they are stuck for ideas?

Please respond in the comments below, or leave a question or thought you have about the challenge so far.


After reading the information in the links above, if you still have questions about the Classroom SOLSC contact one of us. (Please don’t use Twitter or Facebook to contact us with SOLSC questions).

  • If your last name begins with the letters A – G, please email questions to DebFrazier4{at}
  • If your last name begins with the letters H – M, please email questions to beth{at}
  • If your last name begins with the letters N- S, please email questions to Lanny Ball lanny.ball[{at}
  • If your last name begins with the letters T – Z, please email questions to Kathleen Sokolowski mrs.sokolowski{at}


3 thoughts on “2018 CLASSROOM SOLSC FOR STUDENTS: DAY 24 OF 31

  1. I agree, Margaret! The students are winners for writing more often, even if they do not make it every day. Kristi, I will definitely check out that poem! We are starting Poetry Centers and I love Shel Silverstein. Writing about our cuts and bumps would be one way to generate some more ideas for writing!


  2. Spring break is here and I only have 3 kids who committed to every day, so we’ll see how they do. I worry that without my daily reminder they will falter. But this month has been a great month of writing. All my students are winners for trying.


  3. After reading Shel Silverstein’s “Band aid” we all shared stories about band aids. The excitement of sharing their own story was oozing out of each one of them. Reminding them that these were perfect ideas to slice about was all it took.


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