Beyond the Fundamentals Blog Series

ICMYI: Beyond the Fundamentals of Writing Workshop

In August 2017, my colleagues and I wrote about the fundamentals of writing workshop. We each took a topic, an aspect about workshop instruction that we feel passionate about, and we wrote about it. A few months later, we’ve created a follow-up series, pushing beyond just the fundamentals.

Tonight, February 12, we will host a twitterchat at 8:30 EST at #twtblog to discuss these topics. We hope many of you will join us as we learn from each other.

Giveaway Information:

Back and ForthI’m happy to report that Maribeth Batcho is the winner of the copy of Back and Forth: Using an Editor’s Mindset to Improve Student Writing by Lee Heffernan. Thanks to Heinemann Publishers for donating this great book!