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Slice of Life Tuesday #SOL18


Welcome back to Tuesday’s Slice of Life! We are using #SOL18 as our hashtag when sharing posts on social media. We are glad you are here today to share your writing! Please be sure to read at least 3 other posts and leave comments. Comments help us build our writing community!


Several Slicers have reported technical issues when commenting on blogs hosted on Blogger. Essentially, there are some settings that make it difficult for people to comment on posts. In your blog settings, please make sure your CAPTCHA is turned off. When CAPTCHA is turned on, it often makes the page reload two – three times. Sometimes comments are lost when this happens and the user has to retype what they wrote.
One personal tip: I use Blogger for my personal blog and for some reason, I cannot go through Google Chrome to comment on blogs. Using Safari as my browser enables me to comment. If you are a Blogger user and also have trouble commenting when using Chrome, you might want to try connecting through Safari or another browser.
Last week, I shared Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s TED Talk on our call for slices. I found Amy’s talk really thought-provoking and inspiring as we start a new year. I recently watched Anne Lamott’s TED Talk, “12 Truths I Learned From Life and Writing” and thought it might be of interest to the educators here in our writing community.

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