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Melanie’s OLW for 2018

Happy Holidays from all of us at Two Writing Teachers!
Have you chosen your One Little Word (OLW) for 2018 yet? Many of us in the Two Writing Teachers community and beyond have discovered how One Little Word can serve as a beacon, anchor or source of intention when life gets rocking and rolling. Instead of a resolution, we choose just one word to focus on throughout the year.

This week, each of us will be revealing our words. We hope you enjoy our explanations, and we hope that you will join us in this practice, sharing your OLW in the comment section of any of our posts this week. You can also join up with many other people around the world who now participate in the practice of choosing One Little Word with the hashtag of #onelittleword2018.


I had been debating my One Little Word, as I traditionally do at the end of December. And then, in a yoga class just after the Winter Solstice, my instructor read:

As you prepare for the Winter Solstice, you will discover that there is an immense need for slowing down, for silence and resting. 

Take the time to listen to those things that speak without words.

I’m not sure to whom I should give credit for those words, as the quote is on Pinterest, but the credit there is given to Blue Moon Shamanic Reiki.  In any case, several of my OLW finalists appear–discover, silence, time, listen, words… And the one I keep coming back to is there as well.

This year, for all of 2018, my One Little Word is rest.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.28.49 PM
Images that appear when searching rest on Google

I resist resting. I multitask, over-schedule, and double-book. I keep to-do lists that I constantly add to, and I am always trying to squeeze in just one more thing. I’m trying to resist these tendencies.

“Sometimes the hardest thing we do is rest,” a good friend of mine reminds me.

I have thought about this word over the last few weeks, and the more I’ve thought about it the more important I think it is. Rests rejuvenate, allowing us to return to our work and relationships with renewed energy and intention.

When we were on vacation, there was one day when my daughter and I finished touring one place, and we were deciding on whether or not to squeeze in one more. “Up to you,” she said. I went back and forth as I tried to decide, and then made the more relaxing, and unlike me, choice of heading back to the hotel. “I was hoping you’d say that,” she said. “I’m ready for a rest.”

Each year as I have contemplated my word, I have reflected on words from previous years. Because I really do think about my One Little Word almost every day, these words have all become part of me, weaving together and inspiring me to be not just myself, but a better version of myself. 


I know that when I take the time to slow down and rest, I’m better. More focused. More energetic. Kinder. More present. Probably even braver.

This year, for all of 2018, my One Little Word is rest, and I can’t wait to read about other people’s OLWs for the upcoming year!


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I am the Writing and Social Studies Coordinator in Simsbury, CT, and I love what I do. I get to write and inspire others to write! Additionally, I am the mom to four fabulous daughters and the wife of a great husband.

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  1. This is such an important word and a great mantra for 2018. The more I look into health and wellness, the more there is about the need of sleep, meditation, unplugging…all things I associate rest with. May this year be restful!


  2. This will be my first year choosing OLW. I love this idea so much and it couldn’t have been introduced to me at a better moment in my life. My OLW this year will be “joy.” I hope you will have many restful moments in the coming year.


  3. Rest is a great word. I’ve been ‘resting’ during our winter break, and now I hope to begin recreating, connecting, and accepting. Maybe all that will lead to joy. I think ‘joy’ will be my olw.


  4. Rest seems like a great choice, Mel. After talking to you with Isabelle in the car the other day, Isabelle remarked that “she might be tired having four girls and being a teacher.” I told you that you’re like super woman. I don’t know how you do it.

    May you rest more and easier this year. You deserve the downtime!


  5. Melanie, your post made me realize that I also need to practice my one word outside of my work life. I know I try to do too much with my family…life is so short I want all the minutes to count…but rest is important too. Interesting that I was very aware of that when my family was younger. Thank you for sharing your word.


  6. I believe in the power of the OLW movement. I’ve tried this twice so far. My first year, “relax” was exactly what I needed! The next year, I did not have as much success with “present.” So, again I’m contemplating my word. I actually reread the book last night (very quick read!) and meditated on the questions: what do I need? what is in my way? what do I need to let go of? and also to find some quiet to open my heart and mind and prepare myself to receive my word. I’m hoping it will emerge soon! Reading yours and the other comments gives me more to think about, so thank you, and I wish you much rest in 2018.


  7. On the surface, our words appear to be opposites (my post comes on Wednesday) but I think your word is one I can aspire to as well. For our students as well- sometimes we need to stop pushing and allow some rest or space to rejuvenate. I love all your images!


  8. Light- this word will be my reminder to be a light, to look for the light, to stay in the light, and to shine the light. Thanks for reminding us of the power of one little word.


  9. I agree that many of us could probably use that word. I’m thinking my word will be CALM. So often I react and I want to remind myself to take a beat and calm myself before doing anything.

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  10. Great word, Melanie! Rest is so important to creativity.And thanks also for the quote from your yoga class. We should all remember to “Take the time to listen to those things that speak without words.” May 2018 bring you peace, love, and time to rest.

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  11. I have loved this idea of OLW and challenged my students and colleagues to adopt the idea.
    My OLW is “yes” Yes to things that make my soul sing and to new experiences. Thanks for this inspiration.

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  12. Melanie, I am not sure you could have chosen a more perfect word for you. You give so much and do so much… I am hoping that 2018 does indeed include regular opportunities for you to make space for rest.
    My word this year is shine.

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  13. 2017 exhausted many in ways we had not imagined possible. Each day threatened another horrifying comment or action, so certainly the need for more rest is both understandable and necessary.


  14. YES – Rest, and for the rest of us, too. Without juice in the batteries, there is little to offer our students, our families, colleagues, the world. Rest to be able to offer the best to the rest. Happy New Year.


  15. What a great word. I see if offering much balance and reflection. Rest is so often overlooked, and I think we sometimes feel a slight sense of shame in resting when it feels like one more thing can be done. I hope you find some comfort in rest whether you wrap it in a cozy blanket on your couch or just take a moment to breathe between the bits chaos of life offers. Happy New Year!

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