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ICYMI: Solving Predictable Problems

Thank you for joining us for our blog series Solving Predictable Problems. We hope you will join us for a twitterchat on Monday, November 6, at 8:30 EST. We’ll be sharing and learning at #twtblog.

In case you missed any pieces from our series about predictable problems, here’s a quick review of the week of posts with the links, as well. Each post is full of ideas and inspiration that will work not only in November, but also throughout the year.

Stacey launched the series with her post about conventions and presentations. She has a fabulous collection of predictable problems and solutions relating to conventions and how students’ writing looks.

On Tuesday, I wrote a post about teaching into the transfer of skills from unit to unit. How do we teach students to use what they already know in order to tackle new concepts and units?

Kathleen’s Wednesday post focused on ways to engage writers, contrasting Ferris Bueller moments with inspiration from Dead Poet Society. Her reminder to make sure students understand the “why” is so powerful!

Lanny followed with a post about how to fit it all in when it all feels like an unsolvable tangram. He has some really practical advice on how to keep lessons tight but effective, enabling teachers to be efficient with their instruction.

Parents struggle to understand the nuances of young writers, and Betsy’s post offers ways to explain some of the concepts to parents and caregivers. With conferences approaching, her ideas could launch important conversations with parents.

Deb’s post about student agency will inspire you to think about how you teach students to solve their own problems and answer their own questions.

Beth finished the series with her post about units that go on and on. You might come away from her post craving chicken and biscuits, but you will also have some strategies to streamline your units.

We’re looking forward to chatting about these topics and more on Monday night, November 6, at 8:30 EST. Please join us at #twtblog!

Many thanks to Heinemann Publishers for donating a copy of The Unstoppable Writing Teacher: Real Strategies for the Real Classroom by M. Colleen Cruz. Thank you also to all who commented throughout the week. The winner of the book, chosen by a random number generator, is Kris Buchanan, whose comment appeared on my post!


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