SOL Tuesday


WRITE a slice of life story on your blog.
SHARE a link to your post in the comments section.
GIVE comments to at least three other SOLS bloggers.


If you are a slicer attending NCTE in St. Louis and you’re interested in joining Stacey and me for dinner on 11/18 at 7:30 p.m. (NOTE the TIME CHANGE.) Please email Stacey at stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com. We’d love to raise a glass and toast members of our community in person!

Our Apologies…

We’ve noticed an alarmingly high number of legitimate Slicer comments went to spam last week. We do not understand why this happened. I will be checking the spam folder a couple of times today. If your comment has not posted after a few hours, then please email me at debfrazier4{at}gmail{dot}com so I am aware of the problem.
We send our apologies to anyone whose link did not make it up late last week. We are unsure why such a high volume of comments got marked as spam, but we will work with you to fix it.

Did you know? 


This Friday, October 20th, it is National Day on Writing! NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) reminds us to celebrate the importance of writing and how it weaves its way throughout our lives. How will you celebrate?
If you need some ideas both Kathleen and Anna shared ways to celebrate the day with students in these posts, here and here. On Friday, Betsy will share some quick celebration ideas that you can throw together at the last minute.