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If you are a slicer who is attending NCTE in St. Louis and you’re interested in joining Stacey and Deb for dinner on 11/18 at 7:30 p.m. (NOTE the TIME CHANGE.) Please email Stacey at stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com. We’d love to raise a glass and toast members of our community in person!




  1. Michelle @litlearningzone on said:

    Everyone deserves a fall getaway … a few days away.

  2. Pajama Day….working on some stories I can use with my elementary writers 🙂

  3. I’m having some trouble getting my link to show up-I hope it’s working:)


  5. What message do doors offer you? A slice about contradictory doors.

  6. Just one more time – stealing a few days away from fall to celebrate summer again.

  7. Learning progress: reflecting on learning progressions (or rubrics or scales) and recent workshop with Tom Schimmer

  8. It’s easy to feel down and out after medical stuff, but a little bit of smooshy love can fix everything.

  9. Meeting up with fellow Slicers in real life is one of the best things about this community!

  10. Some technical difficulties this am, but here it is…our first day in Athens, Greece!

  11. Clickety clack, the sound of excited writers logging for the first time

  12. Celebrating the fruits of a life-changing decision today…

  13. Collegial Conversations through an All-Staff Read

    My principal and two of our three VPs are readers. How cool is that!

  14. We are getting ready for conferences. Here’s a little reflection on how we do things now vs then.

  15. Well, here is my first submission for Slice of Life! I have been a happy browser for quite some time, but am finally joining in! Here is my piece titled, You’ll Remember This for the Rest of Your Life, a reflection that started with my son and made its way to the classroom!

  16. 26 Days and Still Trying

  17. A women’s conference was a beacon of hope during these troubled times:

  18. The moon symbolizes the rhythm of time. Last week’s stunning Harvest Moon did more than that – it took me back to the biggest turning point of my young life. A bit of memoir:

  19. I eye i
    (where the informal knocks against the formal)

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