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You made it to Day 31 in the Classroom SOLSC for Students! 

Please share our Celebrations presentation with your class as you congratulate your students for a job well done!


We know that being a participant in the Classroom SOLSC for Students takes a very special commitment and a lot of dedication! Not only have you blogged yourself for 31 days, you’ve created opportunities for your students to live like writers and blog for 31 days too! You’ve been commenting on your students’ slices, and other students’ slices as well. At the Two Writing Teachers team, we commend you for your hard work, your passion, and for giving your students the gift of writing.

Please share any class celebrations or thoughts on the challenge on Twitter  today using #sol17. I look forward to sharing my class’ celebration and seeing how other classes mark the end of this challenge!

As your students complete the challenge, how will they see the world differently, now that they have been writing all month? How will they see themselves differently? Where might that lead them?


27 thoughts on “CLASSROOM SOLSC FOR STUDENTS- DAY 31 OF 31 Leave a comment

  1. Whew! We made it! We are on Spring Break this week and my “class” only met three times with one more meet up scheduled to celebrate later this coming week. While many of the others sliced hit and miss, ONE young lady sliced EVERY single day! So very proud of her! Can’t wait to see what the rest of them have to share! Feel free to look around our page for more slices that didn’t get linked up. So thankful for the opportunity to share this with my students! Hoping to have even more involved next year! Here’s our last slice! Enjoy!


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