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Welcome to Day 27 of the Classroom SOLSC for Students!

Do you #CelebrateMonday on Twitter? This hashtag is meant to trend the positive and share the amazing things happening in schools. Consider sharing your class’ writing on Twitter today as you #CelebrateMonday! Another hashtag where teachers can share the work they are doing is #OpenDoorClassroom. While we encourage our students to share their stories in this challenge, it is important for us to share the stories of this writing experience! You have been doing important work, encouraging your students to write daily this month. Let’s celebrate it!

Another  way to celebrate all of this hard work is by adding to our Collaborative Slides presentation, which we will publish on Friday, the last day of the challenge. You can access the presentation here, as well as the directions for what to do!

If you need any reminders about the challenge or who to contact for assistance, please click here.

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