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Classroom SOLSC for Students: Day 11 of 31

Welcome to Day 11 of the Classroom Slice of Life Challenge!

If you’re feeling like the initial excitement your students exhibited at the start of the challenge might be wearing off, don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to work through the hard parts! One the amazing parts of experiencing the challenge is that it does get hard, especially in the middle — but then it gets better. If you and your students can stick with it through the hard parts, what an incredible life-lesson you’ll have learned.

Some tricks for getting you and your kids through the hard parts:

  • If anything, make a list as your slice! You can always make some type of a list and call it a day. Some of my favorite slices have been lists.
  • Even writing just a sentence or two is better than writing nothing at all.
  • Think about creating a collage of images with captions or photo essay instead of trying to put it in words.
  • Even famous authors have been known to write about how hard it is to write. You can always do that too.

Daylight Savings Time Head’s Up

On Sunday, March 12, at 2:00am EST, the time in the United States will jump ahead one hour, marking the beginning of Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), meaning that there is one less hour for slicing on Sunday. Comments will close at midnight EDT beginning on Sunday. Remember that no matter where in the world you are slicing from, we all have the same window for blogging- it just starts and ends at different times depending on your time zone.


  1. If you haven’t yet read the Essential Information post, then please click here to read it now before you continue posting the link to your students’ slice of life stories. Don’t forget to keep your students’ identities anonymous for their protection.
  2. If your students are slicing from their personal blogs, then you should link their blog posts together using your classroom hub or personal blog. Then, share the permalink to the location of the “round up” of student slices. (Click here for more information on how to do this.) Individual students CANNOT link here directly. Students who are under 18 must have an adult linking for them. Any student links left without an adult link will be deleted.
  3. Only post the link to your students’ slices of life here. Do not post the link to your personal slice of life stories here.
  4. Remember that when you comment on most blogs for the first time (including Two Writing Teachers), the first comment may need to be moderated by the blog owner before it appears. You should be using the  same username/email throughout the challenge – this will help your  comments should appear instantly in the future.
  5. Any questions, please contact one of us.
    • If your last name begins with the letters A – F, please email questions to Deb, DebFrazier4 {at} gmail {dot} com
    • If your last name begins with the letters G – L, please email questions to Beth, beth [at] elizabethmoore [dot] work
    • If your last name begins with the letters M- R please email questions to Kathleen, Mrs.Sokolowski {at} gmail {dot} com
    • If your last name begins with the letters S – Z, please email questions to Lanny, Lanny.Ball {at} gmail {dot} com

Finally, we invite you to grab the Classroom SOLSC button and Blogging Alongside My Students badge if you haven’t already, and use it on your blog. (Spanish versions coming soon!)



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