Ways for Caregivers To Support Children’s Writing Lives

At this point in the year, many teachers have conferences on their minds. They’ve either just finished them, are in the midst or them, or are about ready to begin. Maybe caregivers will ask questions about writing. Maybe they’ll gain a deeper understanding of instruction and curriculum when they see some of their child’s written pieces. And maybe, they’ll ask how they can support their young writers at home.

This fall, I created a bulletin board for parents with information about writing. I’ve included several handouts that caregivers can take–a description of writing workshop, an explanation of the genres of writing, contests and publication opportunities for students, ideas for games that involve writing… However, the most popular handout by far shares ways for caregivers to support writers at home.


If you’ve heard questions about supporting writers or if you anticipate hearing them in the near future, please feel free to revise, add to, and share these ideas.


I have included the link to the document here, as well. Feel free to share it and make it your own. We all have a vested interest in creating citizens who know and celebrate the power of writing.