As I wrapped up the year, I felt like I was taking a journey that would have safely taken 20 hours and I only had 10. It was a rush to the end. Due to it being my first year in third grade, pacing my lessons and units was an adventure and almost always a gamble. I’ve learned a lot and I know I will do better.

As I begin to reflect on the year and try to set goals I realize I have too many. I know that reasonably speaking I can’t make everything better. That said, it’s been a struggle to determine what I can make better and what is most important. I decided the best way to figure out my goals was to figure out my summer plan for learning.

Below is my flexible schedule of thoughts and ideas as I go forward. I’m sure I will run into other resources but I’m hoping at a minimum these tasks will help me find my focus and in turn assist me in choosing my goals for the upcoming school year.


  • Attend the ALL WRITE!!! conference in Warsaw, IN and get inspired.
  • Read The Big Book of Details, 46 Moves for Teaching Writers to Elaborate by Rozlyn Linder.
  • Plan and prepare for nErDcampmi presentation in July thinking through what I have done and want to do when it comes to encouraging students to add voice to information writing.
  • Create an Exploratory Notebook for myself to keep through the summer with the flip side being my Reading Response Journal so I have a model in the fall. I want to see how much of my wonders, questions, and inquiry come from my reading.


  • Attend and present at the nErDcampmi conference in Parma, MI and get inspired.
  • Write some nature inspired poetry while I am camping with my family.
  • Read Craft Moves by Stacey Shubitz and begin making a list of all the mentor texts I have and need!
  • Make a point to get together with colleagues to talk shop.
  • Go to my classroom and organize my writing lesson binders and professional books so they are easy to access and use effectively.


  • Attend and present at the Byron Center Literacy conference in Byron Center, MI and get inspired.
  • Read Chart Sense for Writing by Rozlyn Linder and sticky-note it like crazy!
  • Go to my classroom and revisit/organize the charts I made this past year.
  • Go to my classroom, go to my classroom, go to my classroom!

When I think about approximately two and a half months it sounds like so much time. As I typed out this plan it really helped me to think reasonably about what I can accomplish even if I throw in several visits to the beach. I think I have a good start. What is your plan for summer learning?