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Welcome to Day 11 of the 4th Annual Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge!

Happy Friday! If your students are writing for the Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge, this is where you will post the link to their writing.

Jennieb wrote a beautiful slice yesterday, reflecting on the power of writing and how the Classroom SOLSC is impacting her students and her relationship with them. Click here to read it.

Sally Donnelly asked her third grade students to share why they like blogging in preparation for a workshop she was giving for teachers. Her students’ enthusiasm towards blogging and their comments are a powerful testament to giving kids choice and voice in their learning! Read her incredible post here

Don’t forget to check out the padlet for student mentor blog posts! As you come across interesting and well crafted posts from your students, please consider adding them to this digital bulletin board so our students can learn from each other.

writing blog ideas

One of my former students created the list (above) for writing ideas. She joined a Blogging Club I am hosting for 4th and 5th graders at my school.  She was such an enthusiastic blogger last year and I was delighted she would be part of the club. Her list reminded me that the students themselves are often a great resource for sharing ideas and inspiration. Consider having your class collaborate on a list of writing ideas and possibilities for those “I don’t know what to write” moments.



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