Betsy’s One Little Word of 2016

We’ve all heard someone in our life tell us, “Anything is possible.” I was beginning to think that choosing a “one little word” was going to be impossible. I had tossed around so many the past few weeks and just could not connect to one in particular. My word seemed to have chosen me the past few years and it wasn’t a big struggle. This year was different. I looked in books. I read quote after quote. I talked to my husband. I kept waiting and looking for a sign that would direct me to my word. It just wasn’t happening.

I think I was struggling so much because I really want the word to be representative of something positive. I need a driving force that I can look to when faced with uncertainty. My desire for something real led me to my word. My husband was reading to me and I suddenly yelled, “Time! That’s it!” He disagreed. In the midst of our conversation, he looked at me and said, “Possible.” There was a pause for a moment while I said the word, possible, over and over in my head, then it became audible and I said, “Yeah, possible! That embodies everything.”


I have so many goals and things I want to accomplish this year, some of which I haven’t even discovered yet. I hope my word helps me to see the possibilities in my dreams and wishes as I step forward.

When nothing is sure, everything is possible. ~Margaret Drabble

I couldn’t agree more with this quote and plan to take it as advice. Even when I am staring down at a task that seems too big and daunting I’m going to remind myself of these words. If nothing is sure then there is definitely a chance it is possible so what have I got to lose.

I hope you have enjoyed all our OLW’s for 2016. We all really look forward to this first week back when we all get to reveal our words. What OLW will you live by this year?