Revisiting the OLW

oct 14

The new year is approaching and soon we will be choosing a  new One Little Word (OLW) for 2016. My word for this year has been Open. I was looking to open my eyes, heart, pen and mind. I checked in on my word back in May and decided now was a good time to do a bit of reflecting again before I begin thinking about a new word for the new year.

Open Eyes

How have I opened my eyes? In what way have I looked at things with a fresh perspective? I think as I look back a few months, I realize that I am trying to find the stories in my life again. Just this week I joined a community called the 365Project. A photography project where others post a photo a day with a short description to share a peek at their day. A window into their life for a moment. For me, I really see this as a tool for writing.

Open Heart

Last year was quite possibly the most difficult year I have had as a teacher. It was a really big challenge and I worried that I would struggle to open my heart to a new set of children. I should not have worried. My heart is much fuller with a quirky bunch of kiddos that give me lots of love in return.

Open Pen

I recently began writing poetry again. This has been a breath of fresh air. There is sometimes little explanation as to why we do or don’t do certain things. But, when it is something that we love it always comes back around. I’ve even submitted some poetry to a magazine, so we will see where that goes!

Open Mind

Back in May I was stressing over the piles in my classroom. How was I going to pack it all up? What was I going to do in a new grade level? Was I making the right decision? It was. Third grade has been a great move for me. The kids are able to do WAY more than I am used to and the exciting conversations we can have about reading and writing feel so amazing. I’m loving it.


Open has been the right word for me this year. I think I finally got it right. My other words lacked a little something, but this year, I really thought about my word and how it was popping up in my life. How’s your word serving you?

6 thoughts on “Revisiting the OLW

  1. Wow, Betsy, what a great rendering on an interesting topic!

    I offered this assignment to my college freshman, and I have been so pleased with the results! The OLW reflection is so thought-provoking…..


  2. I love reading about your OLW and how it has helped shape your year. I can really relate to the joy of switching grade levels after a long time at a certain level. My OLW for the school year is “Relationships” and it is amazing how relationships really are vital to the learning process.


  3. Such a powerful reflection! I like how you framed your word in specific parts of your life!! My word, FLY, has been powerful for me too. I wanted it to encourage me to take more risks, try new things, and be more brave. I believe I’ve done all of those things this year. Going to write more about it! Thanks for the nudge!!!


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