Expanding Our Team


Two Writing Teachers transformed from two to six teachers over 18 months ago. When I relaunched Two Writing Teachers with five co-authors, instead of just one, I pondered changing the blog’s name.  Even though the two in the blog’s name felt misleading, keeping the original name of the blog felt like the right choice.  And it’s a good thing the name didn’t change to Six Writing Teachers (BTW: That was not the proposed new blog name!) because we’d like to add one or two more teachers to our co-author team.

When Two Writing Teachers began in 2007 there was an even balance: a coach and a classroom teacher.  In 2009, I left the classroom and have been consulting ever since.  The present TWT Team consists of me (a literacy consultant), Anna (an editor), Beth (a staff developer), Betsy (a Kindergarten teacher), Dana (a literacy coach), and Tara (a sixth grade teacher).  As a result, we’d like to add a couple more classroom teacher voices to the mix so that the blog can again have an even balance of writers who are working across grade levels and with different populations and those working in the same classroom every day.

Are you a K-8 classroom teacher who uses the writing workshop approach exclusively? Does the mission of this blog resonate with you?  If so, we hope you’ll fill out the form below by Friday, May 15th.

But first, here’s a list of co-author responsibilities:

  • Write four to six blog posts per month*.
  • Host Slice of Life Tuesdays one to two months each year.
  • Participate in and lead a portion of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge (i.e., co-hosting part of the adult or classroom challenges, as well as helping out with coordinating the volunteer team, obtaining prizes)
  • Engage in four blog series and Twitter chats annually.
  • Attend a Google Hangout with the rest of the TWT team once/month (usually at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time on a weeknight).

*= We take off a week in April, the month of July, and two weeks in December.

The TWT team will discuss the applications we receive during our next Google Hangout, which will be in late May. We hope to reach a decision about who will be joining the team by mid-June.

If you’ve read this blog for awhile, then you know we do not accept money from advertisers.  (In fact, I pay WordPress to keep ads off of this site!)  Therefore, there is no financial compensation for joining Two Writing Teachers. Being part of the TWT Team is a labor of love.  If you adore teaching writing, working with kids, blogging, and you’d like to share your knowledge and passion for writing with others, then I hope to hear from you.


Comments are closed on this post.  If you have questions prior to filling out the form (above), then please e-mail me at stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com. Thanks!