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Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 28 of 31

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It is Day Twenty-Eight of the Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge. Hooray!

At this point your kids have generated a ton of stories. Why not teach them that another way to create a story is to revise something you’ve written into something new?

Some ideas for major revision:

  1. Take a favorite line from an old post and use the old ‘explode the moment’ strategy. In a new post, start with the line you chose, and then close your eyes and picture the moment that line came from. Write down everything you see, hear, and feel. Create a picture with your words.
  2. Go to an older post that you loved and highlight all the key words, then create a poem from all the words you highlighted. You might even decide to add on more!
  3. Reread some of your favorite posts. When you get to the end of a favorite post, write a new ending for it. Sometimes your new ending to an old story can become the beginning of a new story!
  4. Take a true story that you wrote and turn it in to fiction–or even fantasy or sci fi! Revise it to change the characters, or the setting, or both. Then as you begin to write, you might change around what really happened, giving it a new ending. You might even wind up with a completely new and fresh fictional story by the time you are done.

Do you have strategies for revising old posts into new ones? Share along with your permalink to your student writing!

Happy Slicing!

WRITE a slice of life story on your own blog.

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