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Preview: Aim Higher Blog Series

Here we are, about halfway through the school year.  How is your writing workshop going?  We would like to help breathe Aim Higher Blog Seriessome new life into your workshop this week with our blog series, Aim Higher: Outgrow Old Goals and Set New Ones.  This week, each of us will write about how you can help your students set new writing goals which will nudge them forward as writers.

  • Later today I will write about setting individualized editing goals.
  • On Tuesday, Anna will blog about why goal-setting matters in writing workshop and how to make goals visible to kids.
  • On Wednesday, Stacey will write about getting to know your students better as writers.
  • On Thursday, Tara will blog about using on-demand writing assessments in order to look back and look ahead towards new goals.
  • On Friday, Betsy’s post will be about telling the rest of the story.  Betsy will write about setting goals which will nudge kids to add details to their stories.
  • On Saturday, Beth’s post will provide tools for keeping track of all those goals.

We hope this blog series will energize your writing workshop by helping kids outgrow their old goals and set new ones!

We also hope you will join us on Monday evening, February 2nd when we host a Twitter Chat about aiming higher with our students.  The chat will begin at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time.  Just search and tag #TWTBlog to participate.

Aim Higher Twitter Chat -- Two Writing Teachers

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