Awaken the Writer Inside of You


I first heard of the “Heart Map” in 2003 from Nancie Atwell at Walloon Institute in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I remember thinking it was genius. Then a year later I read the book, Awakening the Heart, by Georgia Heard and was reminded of this idea, “mapping our heart.” If you know me, or my writing, you know that I often refer to my heart, our heart. It is a part of what I believe. Poetry lives in our hearts and so do all the things dear to us. This is one reason I believe the heart map can be so powerful in the workshop. However, have you ever made a heart map for yourself? I mean, really? I bet you have modeled it for your students. I bet you have suggested it and encouraged students to look deep into their hearts for inspiration. BUT, have you? Have you looked into your heart and searched for what is most important? I ask because we are coming to a break. A break from the everyday ordinary moment by moment lives we lead. The day to day is going to turn into crazy, busy and relaxing (maybe) for most of us soon. What will you do with your extra minutes? I would encourage you to write. Write from your heart and discover yourself. Look a little deeper. Live a little more lively. Love a little harder. Leave alone the less important and learn a bit about yourself through a pen, a keyboard, a scribble. Read a bit about yourself each day as you create. Create a heart map, a real one. One that represents you and all that you hold onto. The moments you squeeze. The people who envelop you. The bits that define you. The favorites that remind you. The memories that mark you. Make a map of your days. The days that make each moment alive with you. You! A treasure worth telling. Write it.