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How About a Critique Group: Fostering Teacher Writers

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Writing groups? Critique groups? Call them what you will, but the real question here is, do you want one?

Back in May, Dana Murphy and Kim Koehler began a conversation about starting a writing group with teachers on a #TWTBlog Twitter Chat following our last Blog Series titled, Independent Writing. I chimed in and before we knew it more people were clamoring to get in the conversation. We all had the same goal in mind. We all want our own group to bounce off ideas, share our writing and talk about our struggles and triumphs in the writing world. Here at Two Writing Teachers, we want to help you get the writer inside of you going. It can be hard to find people who are willing to be vulnerable in a group. You have to want it. You have to be respectful and you have to be honest about your commitment.

Now for the fun part, make a decision to join a group. Fill out the Google form and in a couple short weeks I will put you in a group that best fits your interests. Together you can start a writing journey. Maybe you want to get published. Maybe you want to write for yourself but need an audience. Maybe you just need a push to get that pen out. Whatever is motivating you to sign up, go with it and see where it takes you. This could be the start of an amazing adventure; your adventure in writing.

The easiest writing forum that is accessible to most people is Google Hangout. Here is a link to a great resource that will help you be the Best Hangout Guest!

Now, onto the form! The deadline for filling out the form is June 17th. I will begin compiling the information and setting up groups before June 28th via email. Once groups are set it will be up to you and your group members to set up a first “meeting” and get started. I will give some tips and advice in a post going live June 29th.

13 thoughts on “How About a Critique Group: Fostering Teacher Writers

  1. Betsy-
    You are going to get tired of me. Sorry… I think maybe I will stay in a weekly group and then see what the group decides as summer comes to an end. Sorry for all the confusion…Lisa


      1. I’m wondering if there are others like me who could commit to more frequent meetings during summer break but are uncertain about weekly meetings once school resumes.


      2. Great point. A colleague and I were just having this conversation. At some point during the summer I plan to check in. Maybe with another Google Form to see how things are going and at that point we might be able to make some adjustments. My hope is that groups will get started and have the ability to make decisions about schedules and scheduling. Thanks for bringing up a point that is probably on a lot of minds when considering this opportunity.


    1. Nothing to be afraid of! I mean, yes, your work is going to get critiqued by others. However, you’ll develop a network of fellow writers and friends along the way. I hope you consider it further. 🙂


      1. I completely understand the fear of being vulnerable. Just remember that everyone is in the same boat. More than likely, it will be the first time each person in your group has tried a critique group. Just know that if it is anything like the SOL community it will be supportive and respectful feedback.


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