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April Vacation

April showers bring May flowers.
April showers bring May flowers.

Here in Vermont, winter is white and sparkly, all jingle bells and sleigh rides. Summer is green and luscious, with blue skies and sunshine. Fall is golden and red and drop dead gorgeous. And then there’s spring. Spring is a sort of grey area here–literally–everything is grey.

The snow is melting, leaving behind grey pools of muddy, quasi-frozen gravel and salt. The sky today is two shades of grey — light grey for the fog created by the melting snow, and dark grey for the clouds spilling frozen rain. We Vermonters don’t even call it “spring.” We call it mud season for a reason.

Mud season does have its perks. It’s the perfect season for curling up indoors and sleeping in late and snuggling with my children. I can catch up on books that I’ve been wanting to read, and play board games with my family, and plan my garden (I just went seed shopping yesterday–hooray!).

My colleagues and I at Two Writing Teachers will be taking a little vacation from our blog this week to do all those things and more. We will resume posting on Monday, April 21st.  Hopefully the weather wherever you are is more “springy” than the weather I see out my window, and you will have a chance to get outdoors. If not, in the meantime, we hope you will:

  • Check out our blogroll, which is categorized at the bottom of our main page and at the bottom of every post. There are many other excellent bloggers who will continue to provide fresh content about literacy while we’re away.
  • Use our archives to search for what you need. We have a ton of archived content on nearly every aspect of writing workshop. Just type the key words you’re searching for (e.g., “poetry,” “storytelling,” “writing workshop”) into the search bar. The search bar can be found by scrolling to the bottom of any page on our blog.
  • Click around our other blogs:
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Enjoy! Please come back and “see” us in a week!


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  1. Thanks Jeanne and Stacey–I think I should soften my description of springtime in VT a bit. It was pouring frozen rain when I wrote this–can you tell? It’s actually not so terrible every day in spring, of course! When the sun is shining, and the temperature gets above thirty, it’s actually can be quite lovely!


  2. Hi, Elizabeth. I had no idea Vermont was so gray in the spring. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m a native New Englander (RI) and have never (!) been to either Vermont or Maine. “Too fan” my parents would say. It’s strange, because whenever I go back to visit my parents in RI, I revert to my RI sense of distance, e.g., Providence is a day trip from their house in Westerly! Look forward to seeing your fair state in whatever season, one of these days. Enjoy your vacation!


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