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Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 25 of 31

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It’s Day 25 Classroom Slicers!

In the book Crafting True Stories by Lucy Calkins and Marjorie Martinelli, part of the Units of Study for Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing, small moment stories are the topic. What better place to look for inspiration for Slice of Life stories than a book about writing small moments?

One important strategy for a small moment writer is to write in scenes, not summaries. It is so easy to slip into summarizing when recounting a story: First I did this. Then I did that. Then this happened. 

But the most powerful stories put the reader right in the action, telling what happened bit by bit: “Watch out!” Sarah yelled. I looked behind me, and there, barreling toward me at full speed, was my brother. And he looked MAD.

Today as you write your Slice, think – am I summarizing? Or am I storytelling?

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Happy Slicing!

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