Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 19 of 31

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It’s Day 19 Classroom Slicers!

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Stacey’s info-graphic is a great reminder of what a Slice of Life Story is and isn’t. When I’ve  worked on writing projects with Lucy Calkins, I’ve often heard her say, ” We need to bring the lion out of the marble.” She is, of course, referring to a clunky draft that needs to be fine tuned so that the real message or meaning comes across.

It’s tempting to write a Slice that is a summary or a retelling of an entire day, or an entire event, or an entire time of year. However, the real gems are often the zoomed-in, small moments that capture a feeling, an interaction, a lesson, an important memory.

Today, why not look closer at your Slice and see if there are any lions hiding in the marble?

WRITE a slice of life story on your own blog.
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Happy Slicing!

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