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The Payoff

I’ve been working with Keith Bollman and his fifth grade class on a research project. The end result is a tour of the solar system, completely planned, designed, researched, and created by the students. I have learned so much about collaboration through this experience.

One of the parts they designed was to collect key information on a poster. They determined the layout of the poster and Keith and I created a Google Drive document for them to use as a base for their “stop” in the solar system. Then Keith used the corporation poster printer to print. The final product is visually appealing and clearly shares key information.

Through this unit, our internet has been out for two weeks. All internet research was haulted. All use of Google Drive stalled. All printing was impossible. Still, they persevered and had many conversations about how to use their time effectively.

Tomorrow is the tour. Today Keith and I were hanging the posters in the hallway when the computer tech stopped and said, “Wow! Those are really nice. What are you going to do with them when the tour is over?”

Keith didn’t have plans. So the computer tech said, “Can we use them for the space lab? I’ve been looking to get posters of the planets and these are really nice.”

Keith beamed.

His students cheered when they heard.

People notice when we work hard and create quality products. Standard English mattered. Accurate information mattered. Neatness mattered.

The payoff isn’t forced or contrived or bribed.

It simply comes from a job well done.

(My plan is to tweet some photos of the tour tomorrow. Check out my feed!)

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