Revealed #slice2013

Here are the Slice 2013 buttons. Please notice there are two different buttons. One for our traditional challenge…


Another for the classroom challenge…

This is the official badge of the Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge, which you may post on your blog if you're participating with your students.

These are the official buttons for the 2013 Slice of Life Challenge. Starting March 1, please use them on each of your posts in order to easily identify this year’s participants.

Each day in March, you will find two calls for slices. One will be for our traditional challenge (posted by me) and the other will be for classroom participants (posted by Stacey). You will notice the buttons to help distinguish the difference. Please be aware of the two options and share your link accordingly. This will come in handy for commenting. Remember, the challenge is two-fold:

  1. Write, post, and share a slice every day during the month of March.
  2. Comment on at least 3 slices every day.

I hope you enjoy the color change for 2013. One more Tuesday left to gear up for the month long challenge. Please consider participating next week as a way to work the bugs out prior to March 1.

Okay, off you go…download the button and get excited!