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Today was a holiday from school. Ever since we’ve added a sixth member to our family, I’ve been conscious about rest. Not just about sleep, but about relaxing and staying away from screens and restoring my soul.

I hope it doesn’t take a major life change for you to consider the importance of rest too. In times of stress (hello educators!) rest and relaxation are essential to helping us be the best teachers possible. Now I’m sure the way rest looks for me will be different than it looks for you. Still, I wanted to share some of the ways I’m buffering my soul.

  1. I’m spending time in the kitchen. This is fun for me, and it makes my family happy too. I like trying new recipes. I like making sweet treats. I like it even more when little hands help me. Right now the smell of ginger is filling our home from these. Maybe the kitchen isn’t the place you love, but find your place and spend some time there.
  2. I’m turning off my computer. It is overwhelming for me to try to keep up online. Although I deeply miss many of my friends and connections, I’ve had to put some boundaries around my computer time. Less neck aches, less head aches all because of less screen time.
  3. I’m exercising and eating berries. Although I’m not logging miles for jogs like I was, I’m still moving and this is a very good thing. Plus blueberries and red raspberries are making their way into my day again. Little things make a big difference.
  4. I’m getting up earlier. Those who know me are probably shaking their heads because I used to be a very early riser. Now I’m a very very early riser. I like the morning time, a time all to myself where I read scripture, read books, write in my notebook, drink coffee, and am beginning to clack words on the screen again. I’m letting the hope of possibility stir me.
  5. I pause. I’m reminding myself that there is time. Everything does not have to be done right now. More importantly, everyone does not have to rushed or corralled or herded at this very moment or the world will stop spinning. It’s okay for us all to slow down and breathe.

I’m not sure what rest looks like for you, but I’m hoping you’ll take some time to consider it. What can you do to restore yourself? The best way to take care of others is by taking care of yourself — even if you feel as though you don’t have time.

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  1. Oh Ruth, this was good for me to read. A good reminder 🙂 I will say that I have been much better about resting lately. Thanks for sharing ways that you rest 🙂


  2. This sounds wonderful! It’s interesting to me that rest is different for each person. I enjoy cooking and baking as a resting activity too. It is something I miss when I’m busy. Just the simple act of making dinner without having to rush through it is something I miss during the school. I hope you can enjoy this new adjustment time with your family…in whatever way works best for your family.


  3. Wow Ruth, I just found out about your new little one! It is so amazing what God has done in your life! I really applaud you adopting another child. Rest must be at a premium. I remember those days, when I had only two little ones and couldn’t seem to get caught up with rest and I didn’t do near what you do! You have the right idea. It is true if we take care of ourselves, then we can take care of others! I’m in transition from teaching to retiring/volunteering. I am a person who is used to and needs structure so this is like flying without a parachute. I’m still finding my way. I plan to write more and I have been reading more…which is usually relaxing. The last book I read was not. Anyway, everyone has to find when and where their quiet times are. We all need them. Thanks for your blog! Praying for you and your family! God be with you!


  4. Such good advice, Ruth. I’ve always been a big fruit eater, so that has not changed. I’m trying to take some time for my new home-something I haven’t had much time for in the getting my old house ready to sell, plus all the work obligations, etc. And, I’ve started a writing group at school for my colleagues. I’ll post about it sometime, but for now, it will give me a new challenge for my writing, not blog posts but some other kinds of writing and support. So, I guess you could say I’m branching out to find new ideas that are good for me. Thanks for asking!


  5. Seems like great mnds think alike. I have been devoting Saturdays to LMN (ladies movie network) or any similar movie networks and feel more refreshed on Monday. Berries are on my menu, too. I decided that fresh fruit and veggies are on the menu. If you can spend $$$ on coffee or takeout, fresh fruits should get the same attention. It doesn’t mean I will stop being obsessive as a teacher, but will be channeling my time and efforts. Sorry, but the late computer posts will probably continue.


  6. I had a conversation with my acupuncturist about this topic. Rest is so important. I nap eveey day. I am also working on developing my exeecise pracrice.
    I try to put the computer away by 8 pm. Great post.


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