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Prizes for the 6th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge

sols_6The Sixth Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge runs from Friday, March 1st – Sunday, March 31st.  Anyone who participates in the adult challenge (not the classroom challenge) for all 31 days of the month will be eligible for a prize.  In order to be in the running, you have to do a little more than write.  You also have to properly link your post by leaving a comment on Ruth’s adult daily call for slices for the entire month of March. 

50 54 prizes* have been donated by businesses and individuals.  If we have more than 54 people who write and link daily during the Slice of Life Story Challenge, then prize recipients will be selected randomly.  The recipients of all 54 prizes will be announced in early April.

There are a few prizes I will giveaway during the course of March.  Be on the lookout for posts I write regarding writing streaks and commenting (hint hint).  The only other thing I will say about these prizes are that they’re from Choice Literacy, Responsive Classroom and Stenhouse.

But wait, there’s more!  There will be two more prizes, sponsored by Heinemann, that will be announced on March 2nd.  My lips are sealed, until 3/2, with specifics about those prizes.

Take a look at the fabulous prizes that have been donated.  Please click on any of the images to go directly to the website for the blog, book, or publisher that’s being mentioned:

A Year of Reading Logo

A Year of Reading: a hardcover, grape Ecosystem notebook.


Linda Baie (a fellow Slicer): a copy of The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within by Stephen Fry.


Candlewick Press: a set of Stink books (Stinks 1 – 8) including the newest Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout.


Choice Literacy: three separate 3-month subscription to Choice Literacy, a copy of Franki Sibberson’s book The Joy of Planning, a copy of Ruth Shagoury and Andie Cunningham’s DVD Write from the Start, and a copy of Aimee Buckner’s DVD Mentor Texts.


Chronicle Books: five books + five journals (one of each for five separate winners)


Ali Edwards: one 31 Things Workshop, which is a self-paced class.


Heinemann:  a copy of Hidden Gems by Katherine Bomer, a copy of How’s It Going by Carl Anderson, and a copy of The Common Core Writing Book, K-5 by Gretchen Owocki (Three prizes for three different winners.)


Deanna Herman (a fellow Slicer): a prize pack filled with: The Write Start: A Guide to Nurturing Writing at Every Stage, from Scribbling to Forming Letters and Writing Stories by Jennifer Hallissy, a package of assorted colored Ink Joy ballpoint pens for effortless writing, a Hallmark notepad, and a package of black and white file bands to secure notebooks/binders.

pictures cat 005

Pamela Hodges (a fellow Slicer): an original painting, The Primary Cat.  Acrylic on Canvas, size 20×20. She doesn’t just write… she paints too!


Kids Can Press: a complete set of Scaredy Squirrel books by Melanie Watt.


Jennifer Mitchell (a fellow Slicer): a shadowbox of writing inspiration she made with some quotes about writing.  This prize will go to a first-time Slicer.

RC logoweb

Responsive Classroom: copy of  Sammy and His Behavior Problems by Caltha Crowe, a copy of Teasing, Tattling, Defiance, and More: Positive Approaches to 10 Common Classroom Behaviors by Margaret Wilson, and the winner’s choice of a grade-level book from the K-5 What Every Teacher Needs to Know series. (Three prizes for three different winners.)

Logo as a JPG

Scholastic: 15 copies (i.e., one book for 15 separate people) of their new hardcover picture books (e.g., America the Beautiful: Together We Stand, Jangles: A Big Fish Story, Polar Bear Morning, Tabby McTat: The Musical Cat, and Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad) published in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.

Blessen image for poster

Margaret Simon (a fellow Slicer): a copy of her book, Blessen.

mug slice side13

Donna Smith (a fellow Slicer): custom designed mug using Tagxedo and Zazzle, imprinted with random (but key) words from the winner’s March blog posts.


Tara Smith (a fellow Slicer since 2010): a copy of Book Love by Penny Kittle.


Stenhouse: five books.  Five separate winners will each receive one book of their choosing.


The 2 Sisters, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser: five of one-year memberships.


Alan Wright (a slicer since 2009): a copy of his book, Igniting Writing –When A Teacher Writes.

Please remember: Everyone who fully participates wins a prize.  As corny as it sounds, becoming part of a writing community where you can develop your writing and get feedback on your work daily is priceless. I’m looking forward to seeing you on March 1st for the beginning of the Sixth Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.

*= Updated on 2/14/13: I realized I wrote 50 prizes originally.  I inputted the incorrect number of prizes into my Excel prize spreadsheet.  There are four more prizes (since one company is donating five prizes, not one, which is how it was originally marked) than originally mentioned when this post went live on Tuesday.  Therefore, I wanted to update this post to reflect the change. 

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  1. I can’t believe March is half a February away! I’ve posted every day in March for the past two years … can’t break the habit now! Prizes or no prizes…I’m sharpening my pencil…or keyboard. No don’t sharpen the keyboard. Ummm. Warming the keyboard, charging the battery – ahhh – sharpening my wits! That’s it!


  2. It’s not just the prizes (but they are very cool), but I’m going to jump in and try to write everyday in March. I did great during January writing, not sharing), but February has hit hard this year. I’m looking forward to connecting with many more writers and taechers.


  3. Can’t wait for the challenge to start! It always comes at the perfect time, when I WANT to write, but just don’t have enough accountability, or mojo, or something! 🙂


  4. Wow! Those are fabulous prizes! Very exciting! Lots of external motivation for writing…now, let’s work on the internal drive and commitment. 😉 I remember it being difficult and truly challenging some days…but such a feeling of accomplishment. Looking forward to attempting again!


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