Having trouble seeing TWT Facebook posts?

A couple weeks ago it came to my attention that one of our readers wasn’t seeing Two Writing Teachers pop up in her Facebook News Feed.  That prompted me to check our stats, which made me discover that the amount of clicks we had from our Facebook page to our blog had dropped in recent weeks.  Therefore, I investigated and learned only 16% of people typically see fan page posts! We don’t pay to promote our Facebook posts and don’t plan to start. Therefore, you can do one of the following things if you’ve been missing our Facebook posts:
1) Subscribe to our blog posts via e-mail.  To do this, locate the word follow and the plus (+) sign in the bottom right corner of our blog.  Click on the plus sign, which will open up a dark gray box that will allow you to enter your e-mail address.  It should look like this:

Click on this image to enlarge.

Click on this image to enlarge.

2) Follow us on Twitter since each of our blog posts automatically hit our Twitter feeds whenever they’re published.  You can follow me, @raisealithuman, and Ruth, @ruth_ayres.
3) Visit our blog’s main page every weekday evening to view our latest posts.

If you like using FB to connect with us, then check our fan page every day or two.  I’ll continue to post links to our blog posts and other relevant articles for those of you who enjoy connecting with us on Facebook.

Thank you, as always, for reading our blog and for being part of our community of like-minded writing educators.