What kinds of online technology are you using in writing workshop?

I was searching for something in our blog’s archives when I came across a video Ruth and I made about Bubbl.us, an online brainstorming tool, nearly four years ago.  (Click here to watch that video. It’s one of the first ones we placed on TWT.  We also created our first digital story on Movie Maker, together, around the same time.  That will definitely give you a good laugh, so click here if you want a quick chuckle.)  Since 2008, when we started blogging about technology and its role in the writing workshop, there have been a myriad of online tools and apps that have been created and have found their way into workshop classrooms around the country.  What online tools or apps do you use in your writing workshop?  What has transformed your teaching?  Feel free to share anything that ranges from podcasting to digital story creation to social networking sites for kids and beyond. If you think other teachers can benefit from learning about the technology you and your students use successfully, then please leave a comment.