Celebrate the National Day on Writing! #WhatIWrite

Top left: I use the notes feature on my phone when I don’t have a pen and paper handy. Bottom left: Notes for my daughter’s babysitter. Middle: A letter to a close friend. Right: Handwritten notes for a picture book idea.

I write… a lot.  I blog every day on a private, family-only blog I created for my daughter when she was born.  I blog about the teaching of writing here and about early childhood literacy over at Raising a Literate Human.  I Tweet and use  Facebook.  I make lists.  I craft letters and jot notes on my iPhone.  I leave notes for my daughter’s babysitter.  I write fiction (two separate picture book manuscripts that are constantly on my mind).  I use Treat to send birthday, get well, and encouragement cards to friends and family.  I believe in the power of a hand-written note on beautiful stationery.  I do all of these things because I am a writer.

US Senate Resolution 565 declares October 20, 2012, as the National Day on Writing.  However, most folks are not in school tomorrow, so NCTE has asked that people Tweet #WhatIWrite on October 19 and then “celebrate the Day when it’s convenient for you.”  When will you celebrate with your students?  How will you mark this special day?