Great Mentor Texts for Teachers

Ever feel like you’re forgetting something?  Well, that’s exactly how I have felt this week!  You see, I’ve been hard at work compiling a list of books to have on book carts when I teach my graduate class this summer.  (My students will have to complete two projects that will require them to use two different mentor texts.)  Since the teachers who will be taking my course will teach grades K – 8, I need to have a wide range of books from which they can choose.  I was told, by another professor who has taught this course in the past, that it’s helpful to have around 150 books on the carts for teachers to choose from.  After spending the past couple of weeks combing her book list, several professional texts about mentor texts, and my own bookshelves, I have a list of 160 books.

So you think my problem is that I have to pair down my list, right?  Removing ten books would be easy, but that’s not the issue.  I truly feel like I’m forgetting some of the best books out there.  While I cannot put all of my favorite books on this list, I feel as though I must be forgetting something important that should be on this list.  (NOTE: All of the books are picture books: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  I did include a few short story books and a few novels in verse.)  While the course doesn’t begin until mid-June, I’m meeting with an undergraduate student on this-coming Tuesday.  She’s going to help me pull the books for the book carts I’ll keep in the classroom during the class.  Hence, my sense of urgency for making sure I have all of the titles I need on the list I give to her on April 3rd.

Therefore, I’m asking a favor of those of you who are book lovers and/or elementary and middle school teachers.  Would you mind taking a peek over the book list I’ve drafted for the course I’m teaching in June?  Is there a brilliant mentor text you know and love that you think I’m missing?  If so, would you be so kind as to leave a comment with the title and author on this post?