Slice of Life Story Challenge

Slice 2012: 3 of 31


  • THANK YOU for joining this year. We are thrilled with the response. WOW, just wow.
  • Please link your UNIQUE URL in the reply box of the comments. Do not put it in the website field. You can put your general blog address in the website field.
  • Please make sure the link you are including for your unique URL works! You must publish your post FIRST, then go to your blog and grab the unique URL from there.
  • If you have questions about posting, remember here are step-by-step directions. Follow these! (They even worked for my mom!)
  • Comments close near midnight, EST. They won’t close before, but they might close later — like whenever I remember the next morning. Lucky for you, I have to do it from my computer and sometimes it takes a little bit to get to my computer each day. As long as comments are open, feel free to link your post.
  • If you have any questions, please email me or send me a tweet. It’s getting to the point in the challenge that if you aren’t linked correctly, it won’t count! Remember, I’m happy to help — just let me know what you need.
Please link your unique URL to this post. Then read and comment on at least 3 other slices. Happy writing!

The Nitty Gritty:

  1. Please (pleasepleasepleaseplease) use the SAME email/username information on all of your March entries. This is essential to make tracking your number of slices a little more manageable.
  2. We’ll close comments for the previous day’s slice the next morning. As long as you get your slice linked on each daily slice post, you are in the running for prizes. Further information will come later in the month regarding prizes
  3. Any questions, please use the online form to send Stacey an email, or email or tweet me.

Useful Links:

Nuts and Bolts (General information)

Prize Information (Wow!)

31 Slices (Ideas for topics)

Classroom Resources and SOLS Booklet + Chart

More Buttons (red, green, yellow, blue-purple, grey)

187 thoughts on “Slice 2012: 3 of 31

  1. Wow! Over 150 slices have been submitted and there are still two hours left to go in the day. Awesome!

    This is not my best piece of writing by far. BUT, it’s 9:52 p.m. on Saturday evening and this is the first moment I’ve had to write all day since we were really busy starting with Isabelle’s swim lesson this morning.

    A busy, but fun weekend day. Looking forward to tomorrow.


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