Follow-Up: Leap Year Poem

On Feb. 29th, 2008, I gave my fourth graders a copy of the “Leap Year Poem.”  I asked them to hold on to the little slip of paper I printed it on and instructed them to e-mail me four years later.  I’m happy to report that four years later, they’re in eighth grade and some of them actually hung on to the poem!  The first e-mail came from a student (Who, I might add, completed 31 days of the SOLSC during the first year I led the Challenge in my classroom) who admitted to losing the paper, but remembered the poem.  He wrote:

Today is leap year day, 4 years from when you told our class to email you in 4 years. Well, that’s now. Soooo… here is a copy of the poem I believe was on the little sheet of paper I immediately lost.

His honesty totally cracked me up!  While he didn’t have the paper, he remembered the exact poem, found my email address, and sent it to me.  How awesome is that?

I hope yesterday’s leap day brought a smile to your face too.