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Remember This…

I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming standardized test. I have a whole post percolating about it, but because it’s late and I’m completely worn out — in six schools, with seven different teachers today — it’s just going to have to wait until Saturday. I’m telling you this so I feel a little pressure to post my thoughts.

Until then, I’ll share the words that have been driving my thinking.

To teach me to write well, first you must love me. 


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  1. I’ve always thought that the secret to good teaching was that simple. Know something and love kids. Loving your subject is good too, but I’ve seen teachers who love what they teach without really loving who they teach. They don’t get very far or last very long.

    Don’t all of us remember teachers we loved because they so obviously loved us kids?

    Anyway, thanks for saying it so concisely.


  2. I think you also have to love your job. So many times at the end of the day facing all the stress teaching brings that isn’t directly related to my students I have to remind myself why I began in the first place. It is because I love my kids, and I am lucky to have a job I love. Without the passion, there can be no meaningful writing.


  3. So, so true. Sorry you had such a busy day-wow. I thought I was busy helping in different classrooms & having a few meetings. These words are close to what I always told the teachers that I mentored, Ruth. You need to somehow communicate to your students’ parents that you love their child, then you all can work together to help the child grow. It isn’t quite the same thing, but that love is really important.


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