One Little Word

We’ve posted quite a bit about having one little word to live by since we began blogging in 2007.  If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of one little word, then type “one little word” into the search bar on the top right of this blog and you’ll find a bunch of posts that explain it in greater detail.

2011 is just a few days from being history.  Instead of thinking about a new year’s resolution for 2012, consider thinking about one little word you’ll live by this-coming year.  Living with one little word as your guide throughout an entire year provides you with more clarity.  Also, if you find yourself getting off-track from the one little word you want to live by (e.g., If health is your one little word and you stop exercising by February 15th, you can work towards getting yourself back on-track with your exercise routine rather than throwing up your hands and feeling like you broke your New Year’s resolution.), then all you have to do is remind yourself of your one little word to help you refocus your priorities.

I’m trying to decide what my one little word will be for 2012.  Some of the words I’m considering are: active, blessings, cherish, happiness, nurture, and wonder.  (I’ll let you know what I pick next week.)  If you need help finding one little word to guide you through 2012, then click here for an alphabetized list of words.

Do you already have your word?  Please share it by leaving a comment (below).  If you really want to take your one little word to the next level, then check out Ali Edwards’ Blog for information about her One Little Word 2012 Class.