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Want to hear some thoughts about celebrations?

Recently Franki Sibberson interviewed me about the importance of writing celebrations. It was posted on Choice Literacy this week and you can listen here. While there, sign up to receive the Choice Literacy newsletter. Choice Literacy is one of my go-to sources to stay up to date with the current thinking in literacy education, as well as articles and resources to share with teachers.

Franki asked me to talk about the importance of writing celebrations because it is the topic of my current professional WIP (work in progress). Christi Overman and I expect our book to be out from Stenhouse next year.

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5 thoughts on “Want to hear some thoughts about celebrations? Leave a comment

  1. Also looking forward to your new book! One of the classes I am working in has a celebration planned for this Friday. It is a low key gallery walk but a celebration none the less. One of our extended day teachers is planning a celebration for her after school writing group next week. Thanks for planting the celebration seed in my brain. Congratulations on your interview!


  2. I am a member of Choice Literacy Ruth, & heard your interview-very cool. I hope I can convince those I work with to do more in this in the new year. It is important, and with some, it is a lovely way to welcome parents in on it. Congratulations on the interview, and in the additional article too.


  3. Remember, you were the one to get me started on celebrations! Once I had one, I was hooked. Writers need feedback/recognition at all ages, especially, like you said, because “writing is hard work.” Congratulations on your interview with Franki.


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