Happy Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving, mostly because it rolls into the Christmas season. My life as a writer changes during these weeks of the year. I shift my focus to documenting the season and my family’s response to it. I decrease my word count. I breathe more and rush less. I still have goals, but I tend to relax a little more.

There are just a few more weeks left in 2011. Did you have goals as a writer? Were there things you were expecting to accomplish this year as a writer? If so, now is the time to continue working toward them.

It’s also a good time to consider what kinds of goals you will set for your writing life in 2012. How will you be a teacher who writes? This is the best thing you can do professionally — write alongside your students.

What? What’s that you say? You don’t have a blog? Now is the perfect time to start one! That way it’ll be up and rolling before the March Slice of Life Challenge. You will be joining us this year, right? Your stories matter and now is the perfect time to start sharing them with others. To get started, either click over to Blogger or WordPress. I use both sites and would recommend either one.

I promise if you start a blog and then begin collecting snippets of your life, you will be thankful. It is the perfect thing to do over this holiday weekend.

Happy writing!