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SOLSC & Building Community

I had the pleasure of meeting several Slicers, not just the ones I blogged about last Friday, when I was in Chicago for NCTE.  I had breakfast with Bonnie (and Tuvia) and Sarah who slices with us every March.  I ran into Elisa at a session.  I also saw folks who Slice with us at our session.  How wonderful it was to finally meet face-to-face!
As always, please link the Slice of Life Story you write today to this post by leaving a comment. Be sure to check out other bloggers’ writing by clicking through the links in the comment section of this post. Finally, if you read someone else’s writing, please leave a comment on their blog too.  You never know when you might meet them at a conference or at another p.d. in the future!

Scenes from Chicago (NCTE 2011)

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  1. I am still wading through a backlog of email aftere NCTE. Although my husband suggests I just delete everything and start with a blank inbox I just can’t do it. I am subscribed too many wonderful blogs and listservs and I never want to mioss a relevant post. All of that is to say that it was fun to meet people in person that you only “see” online. Now that things are settling down a bit I’m going to recommit to slicing. It was great running into you, Stacey!


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