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Going “Back to School”

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Some teachers have been back to school since August 1st, while others head back after Labor Day.  By looking through our site stats I’ve noticed a lot of people are searching for terms that relate to the beginning of the school year.  Therefore, I thought I’d take a few minutes to point you to some “back to school” posts we (i.e., me, Ruth, and our guest bloggers) have written through the years in order to help you get ready for the 2011-12 school year.

If you want more back to school posts, then just search our archives.  Just use the pull-down menu in the left-nav of this blog to view our old posts month-by-month.  Additionally, if you’re looking for something specific, just type the words, in quotes, in the top right corner of the blog and then click on search.

Finally, two other fantastic resources for back-to-school tips are Choice Literacy and Responsive Classroom (NEFC).

5 thoughts on “Going “Back to School”

  1. All the things we do even before that first bell rings on that very first day! I love the fact that you made note of mentoring new teachers – we have a new sixth grade teacher this year, and I know that our willingness to mentor and share our experiences will help make her year a better, less stressful, experience. Thanks for sharing in such an organized way, Stacey!!


  2. This is so helpful!! Even though I already started school, it has reminded me a lot of things that I should continue to focus on! It’s so cool that the both of you have been blogging for so long! I read some of your entries from 2007. Thanks!


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