All-Write Reflection + {Discover. Play. Build.}

Sometimes when an experience seems so big it is hard to focus a reflection. Sometimes it is hard to settle the thoughts and find the meaning. Sometimes it is difficult to even know where to begin processing. So I’m going to make a lists. Lists always seem to make things more manageable.

  1. The Twitter feed chronicles many nuggets of learning. Twitter is considered micro-blogging. So pretend you are reading a bunch of miniature blog posts as you scroll the feed. You will also see some teasing among tweeps, as well as dinner planning, but skip over those things and look for the bits of learning. The connections and relationships built through Twitter prior to the conference made for a much richer experience. It was like meeting long-time pen pals…only Twitter is much easier to maintain contact with many people, unlike a traditional pen pal letter writing experience would be.
  2. The first time I saw Katie Wood Ray was over ten years ago. The same is true for Georgia Heard. Most of the presenters I’ve heard speak before. I love this. I’m intrigued by the way their thinking grows and layers on top of the previous understandings. I love how they are continuing to change and evolve as educators. It’s also interesting to see what stays the same. It gives me comfort to know they are constantly changing their understandings of instruction. It makes me realize just because I’m doing things differently now than I was last year or five years ago or ten years ago doesn’t mean I was wrong before. I was just in a different place in my understanding. We have to let go of our fear of being wrong  about instruction and simply do the best with our current understandings.
  3. All-Write Summer Institute feels a little like summer camp for workshop teachers. Everyone wanted to be there. We were happy. We talked about books and students and writing. The conversations with other educators were just as valuable as listening to the presenters. It is an energizing experience. Next year it is on June 21 – 22, 2012 (Thursday and Friday) and will be in northern Indiana (although the exact location isn’t yet determined). Will you make plans to join us?

Filling pages in summer 2011...


{Discover. Play. Build.}

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