Start a Notebook (Or Dust Off an Old One)

Summer always gives me a chance to reflect on my practice in a little more relaxed kind of way. For one thing, I’m pretty much caught up with my school work. This doesn’t happen between the first day of school and the last. Even over breaks there is work to do. And yes, I have work planned for the summer, but it isn’t as pressing like things are during the school year.

Thinking over my work this year with teachers, I’m realizing once again the thing that transforms teachers from writing teachers to teachers of writers is when teachers become writers themselves.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to publish your writing. It doesn’t mean you have to spend hours a day writing. It doesn’t even mean you have to write something you want to show other people.

It does mean taking time to put words on the page. This summer I’d like to encourage you to start a writer’s notebook (or dust off an old one) and regularly spend time collecting words. I’m toying with the idea of offering a writer’s notebook prompt each week during the summer. What do you think? Would that be useful to you?

Spending time doing some of the things we expect our students to do (as opposed to making plans of things for them to do) is one of the best forms of professional development. Need some ideas to get started with your own writer’s notebook? Just use our search box (in the top right corner, under the header) and search writer’s notebooks.

Now off you go, happy writing.