Looking for a Wink (Ruth’s SOLS)

“Yessssss,” a little voice said as I pulled out of the garage.

Smiling, I asked, “What are you so excited about?”

“Look at the sky,” Sam said.

It was grey.






I checked my rear view mirror. He was still smiling ear-to-ear. I was curious about his excitement. “What makes you excited about a grey day?”

“Mom, the sky is perfect for the sun to wink at me today.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yesterday, when we were driving, the sun winked at me between the clouds. Remember?”

I smiled and looked at the sky again with new eyes. It really isn’t that gross of a morning, especially when I think about the potential of a wink. You know, life is like this a lot too. We glance in a direction and make a snap decision. We think it is dark, dreary, and cloudy. Maybe instead we should look for the wink, the glimpse of hope that is lurking just beyond the muddle.