Sundays for the Soul: Pass a Note

Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you had a good day. It’s a bittersweet day for me. I spent so many years missing a baby on this day that even now I’m reminded that it is a day where mothers miss children and kids are missing mothers. Whatever emotions today brings for you I want you to know it’s okay.

Around our house notes have been popping up. Lots of notes. The kids received notebooks in their Easter baskets and they were a big hit, especially with the little guy (five years old, preschool). He keeps his with him all the time and is constantly passing notes. The prime time for his notes is after bedtime. He tosses them over the banister, so he isn’t seen and doesn’t get his trains put up. Here are a few of them…

Together we have some fun.

I'm crazy mom. He passed this to me at a stoplight. I wrote back, then he wrote,(bottom) Mom, you turkey.

Try to find the cat? (Sometimes he makes hidden pictures, dot to dots, or mazes.)

All this note passing has been good for the souls around here. It made me think about the power of writing to make others feel special. Try it this week and see if passing a note is good for your soul too.