Dinner (Ruth’s SOLS)

Have you ever been served hanging grilled shrimp?

This weekend I have the privilege of attending the Michigan Reading Association conference. I’m always surprised how surreal life seems when I attend a conference. The normal evening things like dinner, baths, books, bed are replaced with things like sessions, book shopping, professional conversations.

Tonight when my grilled shrimp came to the table I just had to take a photo. My apologies that the photo doesn’t do the presentation justice. It was hanging over my plate from a metal hook. The best part is the presentation, although lovely, wasn’t nearly as good as the taste.

It’s been a long day, leaving my house before 5:00 am and just now settling in for the night. I’m thankful for the opportunity to talk with colleagues, think of things in new ways, and have a delicious dinner with colleagues who are also friends.

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