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78 thoughts on “SOLSC. 2011. 7 of 31. Leave a comment

  1. Today my intermediate EFL classes start a unit on travel. Now, I could revert to the old essay of having a them tell about a place they have traveled to, but that’s been done before. Then I had an epiphany….

    Where we live has been hit pretty hard by the bad press that the world news organizations are giving us in Mexico. Yes, crime is going up, but so is the population in big cities…and it is still not comparable to the percentage that people in other countries put up with. So, we are going to organize a travel brochure of our area, an interesting tourist area in Mexico, which I hope to post somewhere where anyone can find it. It will contain student-elected sites to see, good places to eat, and why people should not think twice about visiting.

    Most of us have had our lives affected by the drug wars… but as a result of the failing tourism industry, not as a result of gun battles in the street. I lived through more of those when I was growing up in NYC than I ever saw here…I think it will be our job to tell the world that we still live normal lives and there is a wonderful world to visit and learn from. I can’t wait to get started.


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