It’s a Choice

This spoke to me from my Twitter feed today:

As educators standing in this place in our field, we have a choice. We can look out and see problems and despair or possibility and promise.

— Lucy Calkins, quoted in Tweet by Katie Keier

Katie wrote Catching Readers Before They Fall (Stenhouse, 2010) with Pat Johnson. You can check out their blog here.

By the way, this tweet is just one more example of the way Twitter serves as my PLN. I needed to hear this today. It spun me around and put my feet back on the path I want to travel. If you don’t tweet, I encourage you to take the plunge. Especially if you have a #fancyphone and can tweet from your palm.

(Six months ago I had no idea what a hash tag was or meant. A hash tag, #, is a way to tag posts on Twitter. #fancyphone is a tag used to mean a smart phone. Start tweeting and you too will know all kinds of new cool stuff.)