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Happy Writers Society

I stumbled across Natalie Whipple’s blog, Between Fact and Fiction, and am a better writer because of it. I appreciate her straightforward, genuine way of looking the hard stuff of writing straight in the eye and then being brave enough to peel back the layers of emotions and write about it. Originally I planned to share Between Fact and  Fiction on Sunday because it is so very good for the soul.

Then I realized on Fridays she hosts Happy Writers Society. And even though I could still save it for Sunday I just can’t wait. It’s along the same lines of buying a really great gift ahead of time and then breaking down and giving it early. The anticipation kills me. 🙂

Here is the back story about Happy Writers Society.

Here is the link to Natalie’s blog.

And here’s to writing simply because it’s good for you.

5 thoughts on “Happy Writers Society

  1. THANK YOU for that link to the HAPPY WRITERS SOCIETY. I’m going to be tuning in every week because I too am tired of being too harsh on myself and want to ENJOY writing again even if it doesn’t ever get published, first and foremost, my writing is done for me!


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