Stop Waiting to Start a Blog Day

March is just around the corner (she says, when today is a level 1 snow emergency), which means not only are blooming flowers and warming temps a few weeks away, but so is the Annual Slice of Life Challenge. The challenge was started as a way to encourage teachers to write. The single best way to have a lively, effective writing workshop is to be a writer yourself.

When we write ourselves we understand so much more about writing and this changes the way we teach minilessons. When we write ourselves we gain insider information and this changes the way we confer. When we write ourselves we understand the importance of sharing our words and this changes the community of writers.

In order to become an official Slicer, you need a blog. Now before you start with the excuses, hear me out. First of all, if you start a blog, it doesn’t mean that you have to post everyday. No siree! In fact, there are many Slicers who keep a blog just for slicing. They write only in the month of March or only on Tuesdays.

Next, just because you start a blog doesn’t mean you have to share your identity with the world. You can use a screen name, use initials to talk about your kids/students, and use general locations (Indiana, Midwest, United States, Northern Hemisphere, Planet Earth . . . you get the drift).

You also don’t have to share personal stories. Slices are just bits of your day. Share the funny parts, share the ordinary parts, share the boring parts. You don’t have to share anything that makes you uncomfortable.

The point is to have fun with writing. This is a reason for the challenge. Sure it’s going to be a challenge to find time to write every day for one month. In fact, it’s a challenge to find time to write a Slice once a week. But challenges are fun. And writing challenges are even more fun. And this one is totally cool (not just because we host it) but because the people who participate are committed to making a writing community. It’s not just about writing a Slice, but about commenting on other people’s Slices.

Since many of us are hunkered down because of the snow, I think it makes a perfect day to start a blog. Let’s make it official:

Today is Stop Waiting to Start a Blog day.

I {heart} Blogger (where I keep a blog about family life): To get started, click here and follow the steps.

WordPress isn’t too shabby either (this is where we host Two Writing Teachers): To make a WordPress blog, click here.

You are a smart person . . . you can start a blog. I promise. And if you run into snags, email me.

If you have a blog, leave some encouragement in the comments to those who are starting one today. And when you start one, leave us a note in the comments. Happy writing!