Ruth’s SOLS: Mean Girls

My third grade daughter came home yesterday after school upset because she was:

Kicked out of the Horse Lover’s Club at recess. One girl told another girl I don’t love horses enough and they don’t want me in it. But they don’t know what’s in my heart and that I love horses more than almost anything. Well, not you and dad, but I love them a lot. Some other girls got kicked out too. I don’t know what made them the bosses. So we started another club: People Who Really Love Horses Club. Anyone who wants to be in it can.

(Yes, that is a direct quote.)

Now you know recess, or maybe you are glad that you don’t know recess if you don’t have recess duty. There are a million things that could have led to Hannah being kicked out of the Horse Lover’s Club.


It reminded me that school is about more than reading, writing, and math. The issues our students are navigating go beyond academics. I talked to a friend of mine and she said her high school daughter is dealing with a lot of the same things (not being kicked out of Horse Lovers Club, but dealing with cruel girls). A third grade teacher said to me, “Ahh, yes, this is when it begins with girls. There is always something to be catty about, someone to leave out.”

And I’m reminded of growing up myself. There were many tears over cruel girls.

The challenge I face now, is to help my daughters grow up with self-confidence to face a sometimes cruel world and to be kind in the face of it all.