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How’s Your OLW?

Ruth's OLW '10: (Credits: A. Aspnes: Curvy Corner Stitched Blocks no. 1; K. Pertiet Messy Stamped Alpha No. 3; Font: Veteran's Typewriter; Photo Mine)

I think choosing a OLW (one little word) for the year is a great way to embark on a reflective life. When I chose vitality for my OLW, I knew I was in for a lot of learning. I expected to learn about physical health and healthy eating, but I also learned about spiritual and emotional health.  I learned the things that are essential for a vibrant life.

Mostly, though, I’m learning how much of life is a choice. I can choose vitality. I can choose strength and energy and activity. On the same coin, I’ve also learned that it’s easier to choose these things when I sleep, eat, and exercise. My physical choices are connected to vitality, leading to the spiritual and emotional vitality which were the premise for choosing the word.

I’m starting to think about my OLW for 2011. How about you? Are you planning a OLW for 2011?

Updated: Ali Edwards posted about OLW for 2011 today. Just saw the post & thought you may be interested too.






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  1. My OWL is “exercise” and I don’t just mean in the physical sense, although that is critical to a healthy mind and body. I mean exercise in the broadest sense possible. Exercising my writing, my reading, and my thinking processes. Exercising my right and ability to question and talk back when things don’t seem right. Exercising all of the possibilities in my professional and personal life so that I have lives that are richer, more thoughtful, and loving than would be possible otherwise.


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